A Better Utility Bill

Green Mountain Power asked us to re-imagine the monthly utility bill they send to customers. We created a design system that transformed what was a poor user experience into an engaging and insightful one. Text-heavy columns of complexity gave way to a simple, open layout, full of colorful visuals and large easy-to-read text. The new bill design is received monthly by over 265,000 Green Mountain Power customers.


Green Mountain Power

Project Name

Utility Bill Redesign


Research, Customer Experience Design & Visual Design

Simple and Easy To Understand

We analyzed bills of several different customer types and re-organized the content, promoting important information to the front, while pushing supporting details and history to the back. This allowed the front of the bill to become a simplified overview that called out the amount a customer owed, and highlighted basic usage insights from the previous month.

A Variable Design, In Print

Early on we realized that it didn't make sense for every customer to see the same type of visualizations—customers who generate their own power care about very different things than those who don't. Each bill has the same base layout, but different customers would see different designs highlighting data that is most valuable to them. We categorized customers into three main groups, and for each we designed a tailored “Energy Usage Snapshot” that provided more specific insights to the customer.


Figuring out how much energy your solar panels generated, and where that power went, used to take several minutes of math calculations. Our design included this information in a set of simplified pictograms visualizing how much a customer generated, and how much they used.

One Smart Meter

Customers can see the time of day they used the most over the past month. This leveraged the hourly usage measurements now possible with smart meters.

Multiple Smart Meters

When a customer has more than one meter, we highlight up to three of the highest using meters, providing a simple way to see what is using the most energy.

Flexible & Friendly

A system made out of interchangeable and resizable modules allowed for the layout to adapt and easily model the many different types of accounts and products that customers have. We leveraged Green Mountain Power’s existing brand palette to provide pops of color to draw the customer's attention to the most important information. This focused use of color made the bill feel approachable and friendly.