Brew Coffee App

The Brew Coffee app is a tool that helps coffee lovers consistently brew a perfect cup of pour over coffee. Made specifically for Hario or Chemex brewing, the app helps you time the pour of your brew based off of the weight of coffee you’re brewing to the weight of the water you need to add. Users follow a timer that guides them through the three phases of the brew: bloom, pour, and drain. Once the brew is finished, add tasting notes and refine your timer to get the best and most consistent results.


Paul Solt

Project Name

Brew Coffee App


UX & Visual Design

My Coffee

Select which beans you’re going use out of a collection of your favorites. Brew settings are saved for each type of bean, because characterisics like roast level, origin, and acidity affect brew time for optimum taste.

Brew Method & Amount

Select your brew method, and the amount of coffee. The final water amount and servings will be automatically adjusted. Once finished grinding the coffee and heating up the water place the Chemex or Hario brewer on a scale and zero it. Tap start to begin the brewing process.

Apple Watch App

Brew Coffee is also optimized for the Apple Watch. Convienently monitor when it's time to move on to the next brewing step.