Hello, We're Brault & Barnes

It's nice to meet you.

Jeremy Brault and Lisa Barnes founded Brault & Barnes in 2012, and have over 15 years of experience designing for clients of all types. We're a small shop that focuses on solving complex problems with design. In our work, we strive to make every experience simple, intuitive, and delightful. We work directly with our clients, eliminating any disconnect between project goals and what is delivered. Taking on a small number of projects per year allows us to provide a high level of quality and customer service.

Jeremy and Lisa in the Brault & Barnes office reviewing a design on a computer.


  1. Visual Design
  2. Website Design
  3. Web Application Design
  4. Mobile Application Design
  5. User Experience Design
  6. Content Architecture Design
  7. Prototyping
  8. Art Direction

We make you look good